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Predictable standards for electric vehicles

November 12, 2020

No one could have predicted the events of this year, especially not those from decades ago who suggested by 2020 we’d have invisible computers, flying cars, workweeks of 26 hours and live to be well over 100.

While some past predictions were out of this world, some were more realistic than others. In the 1997 article The Long Boom, futurists Peter Schwartz and Peter Leyden suspected by this year cars would be able to go months without refuelling.

We may not be there quite yet, but electric vehicles (that use minimal to no fuel) are making their way into the global market and becoming more popular in Australia. Australian businesses are already tooling up to manufacture electric vehicles at scale. In fact, electric car sales 2019 were almost 60 times that of those in 2011 [1].

Alongside standards that consider the safety and design of these vehicles, Australia will need guidance that considers grid connections, charging systems, interoperability and the kind of infrastructure we may require to support the technology.

Recently, Australia joined the international standards committee that is working to support electrical transportation (IEC TC 69: Electrical Power/Energy Transfer Systems for Electrically Propelled Road Vehicles and Industrial Trucks). With Australian experts on this international committee we can ensure challenges facing the Australian landscape, such as the size of our county or capability of our grid, are considered.

Our participation on the committee will not only enable Australian consumers to feel confident electric transportation can go the distance but through supporting conformance with international guidance, will assist in the inclusion of Australian electrical transportation on the global market.

The future is now, and we as seek more sustainable options to support our economy and population, electric vehicles are becoming a more obvious and accessible option for many. We may not have flying cars but could an Australia with cars powered by electricity alone be just as exciting? Only time will tell!

Do you have a potential standard in mind, feedback or questions about Standards Australia’s involvement in the EV sector? Get in touch at to discuss the future of electric transportation in Australia.


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Stakeholder Engagement Manager

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