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Voice of Customer Program Continues to Set Requirements and Expectations

May 4, 2022

The Voice of Customer Program

Standards Australia’s Voice of Customer program enables stakeholders to provide feedback about their experience working with Standards Australia through targeted surveys.

The program focuses on capturing and acting on stakeholder feedback and is an important driver for understanding their requirements and expectations. Ultimately, the program will help Standards Australia continuously make improvements based on the needs of our stakeholders and customers.

In December 2021, we launched the second wave of surveys to gather feedback from our key stakeholder groups, allowing us to understand what Standards Australia does well and where we need to improve.

The Results To-Date

Across both waves of surveys, May and December, we saw similar findings:

The Detail:

Nominating Organisations place a high level of importance on the ability to influence best practices across industries and influence how standards are written and believe we are performing well in these areas.

Also, of high importance to Nominating Organisations is improvement across access to online tools and the onboarding process.

Standards Australia already has plans in place to address these areas, which include, a redesign of the onboarding process and improvement of online tools such as an improved document management system, and the implementation of a new proposal system.

Contributors in international standards development place a high level of importance on committee management, being able to influence how standards are written, as well as being able to represent Australia on an international forum.  These contributors believe Standards Australia is performing well in these areas.  This cohort identified a need to improve the international funding request form process.

There is a plan in place to address this area, which includes creating a seamless experience for our international experts by redesigning a new international funding form.

Proposal authors place a high level of importance on getting the help needed, understanding which proposal form to use as well as understanding the questions asked as part of this process.

Of high importance to Proposal authors is the effort required to complete the form, knowing who to reach out to and understanding of the process itself. Standards Australia is looking into the improvement of online tools such as the implementation of a new proposal system to support this area.

Committee members place a high level of importance on their experience working with the project management team, committee management as well as experience working with the committee chair.

Also noted is experience working with the publishing (editing / styling / drawing) team, working on shared documents/ authoring tools and the time taken to publish standards.

Standards Australia plans to address these areas of improvement via:

  • Improvement of online tools such as:
  • Improved Document Management System
  • Online authoring tool (FY24)
  • Greater flexibility to industries and sectors by:
  • Simplification of SG-006 rules
  • Development of standards using simple language

“It’s immensely helpful to see and understand areas of success and areas of improvement. We’re committed to making the standards development journey as beneficial as possible for our members, contributors and stakeholders. This program allows us to put plans in place to address issues and make the experience better for everyone,” said Adrian O’Connell, Chief Executive Officer at Standards Australia.

Looking Forward:

The many initiatives outlined above will launch at various stages throughout 2022-24 and Standards Australia will continue to survey and speak with our stakeholders to ensure feedback is collated and actioned regularly.

The next round of surveys will be distributed via email in May 2022. These surveys will continue to collect feedback from Nominating Organisations, Contributors of international standards, Proposal authors and Committee Members.

Standards Australia will also be expanding the Voice of Customer program to collect feedback across the standards customer journey. Across the next quarter we will be launching an ‘always on’ survey via the Public Comment Portal, contacting Store customers via the Standards Australia Store website and speaking with people regarding customer support enquiries via SMS and email.

Results will continue to be communicated via our E-news newsletter. To find out more, please subscribe here.

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Communications Manager

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