Standards Australia may collect, use and disclose my Personal Information for the purposes of conducting and/or improving the Standardisation Activities, including but not limited to:

  1. The identity and name of my Employer and Nominating Organisation may be disclosed to the general public as being associated with the development of particular documents (including the Committee Materials).
  2. My name, email address, phone number, mailing address, Employer and Nominating Organisation may be:
    1. published on the Standards Australia committee website and may be disclosed to other committee members and relevant staff for the purpose of communicating Committee related matters;
    2. disclosed to my Nominating Organisation and Employer for confirmation of representation at any time; and
    3. used to notify me of products, services and surveys available from Standards Australia and other information that may be of interest to committee members, unless I opt out of receiving this kind of communication.
  3. My name and email address may be used to watermark documents provided to me during the Standardisation Activities.
  4. Relevant interests declared by me during the Standardisation Activities (including the name of my Nominating Organisation and Employer, associations and appointments held by me, and any other interests declared by me) may be disclosed to other committee members and relevant staff.
  5. During, and for the purposes of, performance of the Standardisation Activities, my Personal Information may be disclosed to contractors and other third party service providers including website and data hosting, cloud storage, IT support, recording and transcription software providers, training, distribution of promotional and transactional communications, standards and other publications, surveys and feedback, operational organisational and management service providers and related standards organisations. Some of these third parties may be located overseas, including in the following countries:
    1. New Zealand;
    2. Switzerland;
    3. Belgium;
    4. USA;
    5. Philippines; and
    6. such other countries as may be referred to in Standards Australia’s Privacy Policy as amended from time-to-time.
  6. If I accept or hold the position of chairperson or convenor, Standards Australia may also disclose my name and affiliation to the general public to assist Standards Australia to promote and explain committee activities.

If I do not provide Standards Australia with the Personal Information Standards Australia has requested, Standards Australia may not be able to process my request to become a committee member or I may not be able to participate in the relevant Standardisation Activities.

Further information about how we collect and handle your Personal Information, and details about how you can access or correct your Personal Information held by Standards Australia, and the complaint procedure if you think your information has been mishandled by Standards Australia is set out in our Privacy Policy available at Standards Australia’s Privacy Policy.


‘Personal Information’ has the meaning given to this term under the Privacy Act and may include ‘Sensitive Information’ as defined in the Privacy Act.

‘Standardisation Activities’ means processes or activities undertaken by, or in connection with, Standards Australia (and, as the case may be, jointly with Standards New Zealand) which are directly related or incidental to the development of the Committee Materials.