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Customer Service Charter

At Standards Australia, we are guided by our company purpose and values in everything we do. Our values form the foundation of how we conduct ourselves and interact with you, our customers. All employees and contractors of Standards Australia are asked to uphold these values.

The customer service charter supports our commitment to upholding the highest standard of customer service excellence and provides you with information on how we will achieve this. The customer service charter clearly defines the standards you can expect when dealing with Standards Australia to ensure a positive customer experience.

Who are our customers?

A customer is any person who has direct contact or a commercial relationship with Standards Australia, including our Contributors and Stakeholders with whom we interact regularly. Contact may be through multiple communication channels, including telephone, website, face to face meetings, or in writing.

Our core values: ICARE

We will always display integrity in customer relationships
We will have the courage to admit mistakes and find ways to do better
We will embrace a can-do/follow-through attitude and be accountable all the way
We will always act on the basis of mutual respect and show our support and appreciation
We will aim for excellence and delight our customers every day.

Customer service standards

Our service commitment:

  • We are respectful to our customers
  • We provide prompt, courteous and efficient customer service
  • We take ownership of your enquiry and keep you informed throughout the process
  • We are realistic and transparent in terms of what we can do and by when
  • We provide you with accurate and consistent information
  • We respect your privacy
  • We actively seek out your feedback to ensure our service is meeting your needs.

Telephone enquiries

  • We will answer your call promptly
  • We treat you as an individual and personalise your call by using your name
  • We will respond to recorded voice messages within one business day where practical
  • We take personal responsibility and ownership of your enquiry
  • We actively listen to your enquiry to understand the purpose of your call
  • We ask for permission before transferring you or putting your call on hold
  • We keep you updated with progress if your call is ‘on hold’ for more than two minutes; alternatively, we will ask if you would prefer a call back to avoid delays.


  • We give you our full attention
  • We are professional in our appearance
  • We take the time to build relationships with you
  • We treat you as an individual
  • We are friendly and welcoming.

Written, website or email enquiries

  • We acknowledge all enquiries within one business day of receipt
  • Where your enquiry requires more in-depth follow-up, we will notify you in writing of the anticipated timeframe
  • We communicate using clear, simple language and where possible will limit the use of jargon
  • We maintain a professional and friendly tone when communicating in writing
  • We always provide an email signature with relevant contact details
  • If your primary contact is away or unable to respond, they will provide alternative contact details and a return date via an ‘out of office’ message.

Social media

  • We will respond to enquiries and posts on our social media platforms within two business days
  • Where practical we will respond with details of the relevant contacts to assist with your enquiry
  • We will update our social media and web platforms regularly to ensure the information we post is both current and relevant.

How you can help us deliver on our promise

You can help us meet our commitment to you by:

  • Being courteous, polite and respectful towards Standards Australia employees and contractors
  • Providing us with accurate information so that we can respond to your enquiry promptly
  • Bringing any concerns or enquiries about our product or service to our attention as soon as practical
  • Providing us with honest feedback about the level of service we provide through customer surveys that we champion.
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Customer complaints

As we strive to deliver exceptional customer service, we encourage you to provide feedback. Whether you have a request for action or a complaint, we would like to hear from you. When we receive a complaint from you, we will:

  • Listen objectively to your concerns
  • Manage the complaint with courtesy and respect
  • Impartially investigate your complaint
  • Keep you updated with progress and ultimately with an outcome
  • Inform you of any action we have taken
  • Use the information you provide to improve our products or services.

Standards Australia requests that all formal complaints are documented in writing. More information can be found in our Complaint’s Policy (PDF).