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International Workshop Agreement (IWA) | Sustainable Critical Minerals Supply Chains | Workshops

February 2024

Critical Mineral resources, and related industries through the supply chain, are essential to the manufacturing of renewable energy technologies required for carbon emissions to reach net zero.

There is a need for significant global collaboration to create an environment that supports effective and efficient industry activities to meet increasing international requirements/demand, while upholding sustainability principles.

There are a wide range of sustainability services and frameworks available to industry provided by third parties. These sustainability tools may differ and overlap in areas. This can increase complexity and create difficulties for those seeking to select the most appropriate tool, and establish if it is fit for purpose.

The purpose of this IWA is to support the understanding of the range of sustainability tools available which will in turn assist in improving an organization’s sustainability outcomes. Standards Australia invites all interested stakeholders to join the development of this ISO International Workshop Agreement (IWA) on Sustainable Critical Minerals Supply Chains. Please find enclosed the schedule and registration information for the series of workshops.

2024 Workshop Overview

Standards Australia are hosting workshops across 2024 to develop an ISO International Workshop Agreement (IWA). The ISO SAG on Critical Minerals has identified the need for coherence on sustainability principles related to critical minerals. The purpose of this IWA is to address issues in the supply chain and find ways to improve and support sustainability outcomes.

Formal invitation – International Workshop Agreement (IWA) | Sustainable Critical Mineral Supply Chains

Workshop In-Person

15-16 February 2024
Workshop concluded

Workshop In-Person

15 April 2024
Registration will open soon

Workshop Online

13 May 2024
Registration will open soon

Session Calendar












07 December
(Asia Pacific time zone)


15-16 February
Workshop In-Person


15 April
Workshop In-Person

13 May
Workshop Online

14 December
(Europe/Africa time zone)






14 December
(Americas time zone)






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February 2024

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