Acronym List for International Contributors

AANZFTA ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement
AC Administrative Circular
AMD Amendment
APCF Asia Pacific Cooperation Forum (IEC)
APEC Asia Pacific Economic Community
APEC SCSC Asia Pacific Economic Community, Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance
APLAC Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Program
APLMF Asia Pacific Legal Metrology Forum
APMP Asia Pacific Metrology Programme
APRC Asia Pacific Regional Centre (IEC)
AS Australian Standard
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations
AU NC Australian National Committee of the IEC
AWI Approved Work Item
CA Conformity Assessment
CAB Conformity Assessment Board (IEC)
CAG Chairs Advisory Group
CB Council Board (IEC)
CD Committee Draft
CDV Committee Draft for Vote
CEN European Committee for Standardisation
CENELEC European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation
CER Closer Economic Relations (NZ)
CIB Committee Internal Balloting
COPANT Pan-American Standards Commission
COPOLCO ISO Committee on Consumer Policy
CPAG Commercial Policy Advisory Group
DEVCO ISO Committee on Developing Country Matters
DFAT Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
DIS Draft International Standard
DISER Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources
DMT Directives Maintenance Team
EN European Standards
EU European Union
FDIS Final Draft International Standard
GA ISO General Assembly
GST Goods and Services Tax
IA-CEPA Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
ICT Information and Communication Technology
IDT Identical Adoption
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IEC CO IEC Central Office
IECEE IEC System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrotechnical Equipment and Components
IECEx IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres
IECQ IEC Quality Assessment for Electrical Components
IECRE IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Renewable Energy Applications
IPC International Participation Case
IRG International Review Group
IS International Standards
ISO International Organisation for Standardisation
ISO CS ISO Central Secretariat
ITU International Telecommunications Union
IWA International Workshop Agreement
JTC 1 ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1 – Information Technology
JWG Joint Working Group
MOD Modified Adoption
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MRA Mutual Recognition Agreement
MSB IEC Market Strategy Board
MT Maintenance Team
NCC National Construction Code
NEQ Not Equivalent
NFTA New Field of Technical Activity
NMC National Mirror Committee
NP New Proposal
NSB National Standards Body
NWIP New Work Item Proposal
O-Member Observer Member
PAS Publically Available Specifications
PASC Pacific Area Standards Congress
PC Project Committee
PM Project Manager
P-Member Participating Member
PMG Production Management Group
PNW New Work Item Proposal
PSB Partner Standardisation Body
PWI Preliminary Work Item
RFI Request for Information
RoV Report of Voting
RUL Ruling
SA Standards Australia
SAG Sales Advisory Group
SBP Strategic Business Plan
SC Subcommittee
SDAC Standards Development and Accreditation Committee
SDO Standards Development Organisation
SG Standardisation Guide
SISO Support for Industry Service Organisations Program
SMB IEC Standardisation Management Board
SME Small to Medium Enterprises OR Subject Matter Expert
SyC Systems Committee
TBT Technical Barriers to Trade
TC Technical Committee
TMB ISO Technical Management Board
ToR Terms of Reference
TR Technical Report
TS Technical Specification
WD Working Draft
WG Working Group
WPUB Withdrawn Publication
WSC World Standards Council
WTO World Trade Organisation