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Critical and Emerging Technologies

Data & Digital Dashboard

The Data and Digital Dashboard profiles eight data and digital technology areas. It provides live data on international and Australian standards and the international committees and their Australian mirror committees that develop and adopt these standards.These technology areas include: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Data, Cybersecurity & Quantum. Standards are important for data & digital technologies. They promote the consistency and interoperability of products and services, and underpin the efficient, safe and reliable functioning of emerging technologies, supporting a digital economy.


Q.  Does the D&D Dashboard show all technology standards?
No. While the scope of the Dashboard is limited to just eight technology areas, there are many committees working on technology standards both nationally and internationally on topics ranging from biometrics to telecommunications. You can view the full list of international committees on the ISO and IEC websites.

Q. What is the difference between international and national standards?
International standards are standards developed by international standards bodies, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).  Australian Standards are standards developed or adopted by Standards Australia or an accredited Standards Development Organisation. Adopted standards are international standards that are recognised as Australian standards.

Q. Who develops data & digital standards and how are they developed?
Standards are developed by committees of technical experts. These committees are constituted with experts from academia, industry, government, and community and balanced to ensure all interests are represented. Technical committees develop standards using a model of consensus that brings together diverse interests to agree on the content of technical documents. You can read more about the standards development process on our website.

Q. What is Australia’s role in international standards?
Standards Australia manages Australia’s participation in developing international standards at ISO and IEC by facilitating Australian experts to contribute to international standards as representatives of Australia.

Q. Where can I purchase Data and Digital Standards?
Data and Digital Standards, along with Standards Australia’s full catalogue can be purchased through Standards Australia’s Store and from our Distribution Partners.

Q. How can I become involved in developing Data & Digital standards?
To express your interest in joining a technical standards committee, please contact the relevant Standards Australia Engagement Manager.

Q. Who should I contact if I have enquiries about the Data and Digital Dashboard?
For further enquiries on the Data and Digital Landscape, please contact