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Better By Standards

Better By Standards is a division within Standards Australia's Research & Analysis team focusing on delivering accessible content on the organisation's standards.

It enables the organisation to tell the story of standards – helping us to understand what we do, why we do it, and demonstrating the net benefits of our standards to Australia and the world.

Better By Standards reports can contain:

  • Detailed content on the history and background of a standard
  • The purpose of a standard – why it is needed and its benefits
  • Case studies
  • Insights through interviews with key stakeholders such as committee members and other industry experts
  • Market research on key trends and issues in a sector

For more information on our Better By Standards program email us at

Voice of Customer

Standards Australia’s Voice of Customer program captures how customers think and feel about our business, products and services.

It provides regular insights into areas that pain and delight customers, allowing Standards Australia to tailor initiatives to deliver greater value to all stakeholders.

Iterative process
Our Voice of Customer program is an ongoing process that continually collects and acts upon customer and other stakeholder feedback to drive consistent improvement, and consists of four key stages:

Analyse, act, monitor and collect stages in the Voice of Customer improvement process.

The Voice of Customer team uses various metrics to assess the impact on stakeholder experience, including:

  • Net promoter score
  • Customer satisfaction score
  • Customer effort score
  • Customer utility score

The Voice of Customer team is currently focused on three key initiatives:

  1. An annual brand survey
  2. Supporting Standards Australia’s Store with an always-on survey for emerging mobile products
  3. Providing insights into the quality of experiences at key points in the employee lifecycle

For more information on our Voice of Customer program, please email:

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