Australian lifts rise to meet International Standards

30 June 2016

Today Standards Australia published the revision of AS 1735.1, Lifts, escalators and moving walks, Part 1: General requirements.

The revision aligns with changes to standards in Europe, China and America. This includes the introduction of lift plant design to address emerging technology.

The requirements are divided into two subsections: lifts in new construction and upgraded lifts in existing buildings.

The relevant technical committee, ME-004, Lift Installations, revised the standard to better address Australia’s needs for the future.

“This is a significant revision that should stand the test of time. It acknowledges new technologies, allows for alternative designs, materials and methods, and establishes a process for a lift to be deemed safe to operate,” said Mr Rod Austin-Eames, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Australian Elevator Association (AEA).

This revision is another step in a worldwide shift to alignment with international standards currently being developed. The goal is to develop a worldwide lift code by 2020 that consolidates the practices emerging from the European and American Standards.

“Australia will now be able to use a certified design by a European notified body for compliance with the European Lift Directives.”

“The AEA also applauds the integration of international risk assessment and performance based safety codes.”



Torrin Marquardt

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