Clearer Picture for Sign Design

26 March 2018

The design of around 600 road signs used right across Australia have been updated, and some redesigned, to improve safety on Australian roads.
The Australian Standard, AS 1743:2018, Road signs – specifications, has today been published by Standards Australia to help guide manufacturers and enhance the safety of road users.
“The work of Standards Australia impacts millions of Australians every day,” said Dr Bronwyn Evans, CEO of Standards Australia. “Everyone will be familiar with the road signs we pass on a daily basis, and the community can now take comfort in knowing there is a relevant national standard for these signs to meet to ultimately improve our safety.”
The standard guides the design and dimensions of approximately 600 road signs used across Australia. Information from AS 2342, Development, testing and implementation of information and safety symbols and symbolic signs, has been incorporated into this new standard.
“The difference is not obvious but motorists right across Australia will notice the signs easier to read from a distance,” said Mr Thuan Nguyen, Chair of Standards Australia’s technical committee for road signs and traffic signals. “While the change has been subtle, and its impact will not be seen immediately, the committee should be proud of their efforts and the positive safety impact this standard will have on road users in every state and territory.”
Communications Department
Standards Australia

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