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Annette Hoskin

As the Global Standardization Director at EssilorLuxotttica, Annette Hoskin works to implement product standards for sight-related products. She is Chair of the Committee for Occupational Eye and Face Protection for the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) and works to help shape business with alignment of product development and quality control.

Passionate about vision and an optometrist by trade, Annette Hoskin has contributed her expertise toward the maintenance of sight through developing and implementing the right product standards.  

In her current role at EssilorLuxottica as Global Standardization Director, Annette is responsible for leading the development and deployment of the groups' strategy for standards internationally. She is also an expert and active participant in committees for sunglasses, sports and occupational eye protection, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), spectacle frames and lenses.  

“I initially got into standards development through my work in optometry and product assessment at UNSW’s ORLAB, and it’s really gone from there. I’m passionate about educating people on the role that standards play and how important they are to our health and our society as a whole. Standards are vitally important and even though we are not aware of it, they touch almost every aspect of our lives,” Annette explained.

As Chair of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Committee for Occupational Eye Protection, AR VR liaison and Australian Spectacle frames and lens committee, Annette uses her extensive experience working with medical device manufacturers, compliance, innovation and standards to drive the pursuit of better standards in these areas.

Annette’s contributions extend to a governance role within Standards Australia as a member of the Standards Development and Accreditation Committee, a committee of the Standards Australia Board.

Annette applies her specialised knowledge and experience to assist with quality control and compliance for sun, RX (prescription spectacles) and eye protection of all kinds.

“My work generally and with standards is predominantly focused on helping people see more clearly and ensuring we’re protecting their eyes and vision. Naturally, it’s important that products and processes surrounding are vision are built to standard, uniform and fit for purpose. Our vision and eyesight are of utmost importance, and we need to protect this however we can,” Annette continued.

In addition, Annette holds fellowships at the Save Sight Institute, The University of Sydney and The Lion’s Eye Institute at the University of Western Australia. Her research focus is on eye injuries and their prevention, the subject of invited presentations to Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and industry groups as well as peer reviewed publications internationally. In this capacity and within her current role at EssilorLuxottica, Annette develops and deploys strategies for the broader global community within her field of specialisation.

“Looking to the future of my industry and standards, I expect that we’ll see the types of products in the market evolve and change in many areas, including electronic wearables. It’s also predicted that myopia (short sightedness) will continue to be a prevalent health issue and there’ll be products and strategies to address this.

“In addition, IEC, ISO and national standards will continue to play an important role and we need to ensure the right people are involved in standards development to face any future challenges,” Annette concluded.

“Annette is a true example of a standards hero, her work benefits people – both locally and globally - immensely and her dedication to her field is inspirational. We are incredibly fortunate to have access to her level of expertise and we’re excited to see how the optometry field, and associated standards, develops over time,” said Adrian O’Connell, Chief Executive Officer at Standards Australia.