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Cath Chalmers

Cath Chalmers is an expert power systems engineer, working across the breadth of this area from large-scale generator connections to transmission systems, distribution networks and switchgear manufacturing. As an independent consultant, working with the Australian Energy Market Operator (amongst others), she is dedicated to supporting the connection of renewable energy and storage systems. Ms Chalmers was recognised with the 2021 Standards Australia Emerging Leader Award.  

Cath Chalmers’ first started her journey as a power systems engineer in 1987 when she joined Energy Australia as a cadet. Across her career she has become known for her expertise in electrical engineering, transmission planning, and now works as an independent consultant for a number of parties including the Australian Energy Market (AEMO).  

Ms Chalmers was introduced to standards early in her career, assisting with the design and specification of substations, primary equipment, and protection systems.  

In 2018, she had the opportunity to contribute to AEMO’s proposal, reviewing existing standard AS/NZS 4777.2, Grid connection of energy systems via inverters, Part 2: Inverter requirements. Her involvement in the groups working with this review, helped to facilitate hugely beneficial changes to this particular standard.  

"I’ve loved the opportunities I’ve had throughout my career. They have allowed me to continually challenge myself, building on my experience and providing thought and expertise to the development of standards to improve the lives of all Australians,” Ms Chalmers said.  

“Cath’s involvement in the review helped to facilitate hugely beneficial changes to AS/NZS 4777.2. Her commitment to her industry is commendable,” said Adrian O’Connell, CEO of Standards Australia.  

In 2021, Ms Chalmers efforts were officially acknowledged with the receival of Standards Australia’s Emerging Leader Award. The award is in recognition of her ability to effectively represent her industry or sector in committee debates, play an active role in the committee and champion relevant projects or initiatives.

On receiving her award, Ms Chalmers said “an award is always special, but in 2021 I think it reflects that despite many challenges faced throughout 2020, a team of us were able to work towards an outcome that we were committed to achieving.”