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Cathy Inglis AM

Our birthday Standards Heroes have been nominated by their peers to represent all our contributors - individuals we consider to be the real heroes of standards, in Australia and internationally. We thank those who contribute their knowledge and expertise, service, and time to Standards Australia for the benefit of the Australian community.  

Cathy Inglis AM has positively impacted a number of standards in the building and construction industry. She was recognised for her services with a Member of the Order of Australia in 2020.

How did you become involved in standards development? 

I was chair of the Clay Brick & Paver Institute Technical Committee and was asked to represent the brick industry for the review and update of the Masonry Code sometime about 2005.  At the same time a new standard was in development for the design and specification of masonry for houses, a simplified version of the masonry code. I joined both standard committees and spent many years on these committees.

What role have standards played in your career?   

I lead the technical and innovation team in my role at Brickworks Building Products.  We use standards every day for not only for the manufacturing and testing of products but also for the design and construction of buildings.  Participating on standard committees allows me to contribute to ensure that standards continue to keep pace with innovation and new technologies providing clarity on specifications and guidance, so the products are safe and reliable.

What is a project you’ve been particularly proud to have helped deliver? 

Masonry for small buildings is a standard that took 20 years to develop and was finally published in 2010. This standard was especially useful for industry as it simplified the design and construction of brick houses so that engineering calculations were not necessary for each individual project.

Outside of standards development, what have been some highlights of your career? 

The highlight of my career was being awarded with a Member of the Order of Australia for services to the building and construction industry in 2020.

What do you think the future of standardisation looks like? 

Standards will continue to play an important role in our future to provide minimum criteria for acceptable performance to ensure consistency and safety of products and services.  

Is there anything you’d like to say or mention about Standards Australia’s centenary year?

There are many industry representatives and experts that contribute to their knowledge to the development of standards to deliver certainty, integrity and best practice.  I am proud to have contributed to a number of standards over many years.