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Dr Stephen Collocott

As a respected scientist specialising in condensed matter physics, Dr Collocott is being recognised for his contribution to Standards Australia with the Meritorious Contribution Award — International at the SA Awards in 2022. Dr Collocott contributes globally in the critical field of the rare earth industry in Australia. 

Dr Stephen Collocott is an eminent scientist specialising in condensed matter physics, focusing on magnetic materials and their applications, in particular rare earth permanent magnets. His expert knowledge in this area of work has been utilised to develop a suite of international standards for the global rare earth industry. 

Dr Collocott’s contribution to Standards Australia has been recognised with the Meritorious Contribution Award — International at the Standards Australia Awards in 2022.  

 In 2016 Dr Collocott was appointed Independent Chair of the Australian Mirror Committee MN-011, Rare Earth, to ISO/TC 298, Rare Earth. In addition, he is an Australian representative at ISO/TC298 Plenary meetings and serves as an expert on several working groups.  

In March 2021, he became Co-Convener of an ISO Strategic Advisory Group on Critical Minerals (SAGCM), with the mandate to ‘undertake an analysis of existing and potential standardisation work in critical minerals from the point of initial extraction (mining and production of raw materials), and processing steps through to precursor materials; and make recommendations to the TMB in this regard’. SAGCM members are international experts nominated by ISO-TMB members, non-TMB ISO members (by expression of interest) and IEC/SMB, supported by a Consultative Group representing a broad range of ISO Technical Committees.  

“The world’s Rare Earth industry acknowledged a need for better regulation and transparency in global supply chains. Both key rare earth producing countries and consuming countries recognised that global collaboration was imperative, and that standards were required for the industry to operate in a sustainable manner and prosper. Their importance in global trade and affairs can’t be discounted, and I am grateful to play a role in their development,’ explained Dr Collocott.

 Throughout his 33-year career at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), an Australian Government scientific research agency, Dr Collocott held a variety of management, research, and consultancy roles and has in-depth expertise in the automotive, appliance, mining and energy sectors.  

He has had, and continues to have, research collaborations with groups in the UK, Germany and China and has worked with a variety of industrial partners, both in Australia and overseas.  

 Dr Collocott also represented Australia at the Trilateral EU-Japan-US Critical Materials Conferences in Washington DC in 2011, Tokyo 2012, and Brussels 2013, giving presentations on aspects of the rare earth industry in Australia. 

“We’re incredibly humbled to have Dr Collocott contribute to the work at Standards Australia. His knowledge and expertise greatly empower us to deliver standards and documents that positively impact Australian society and Australia’s role in international standardisation,” said Adrian O’Connell, Chief Executive Officer at Standards Australia.  

“I’m delighted to be receiving the Meritorious Contribution Award — International. This award is not just about me, but also recognises the contributions made by all the members of MN-011 Rare Earth. It’s incredibly flattering to be recognised by my industry peers and colleagues, some of which I’ve worked with for the past thirty years,” concluded Dr Collocott