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Earthmoving Equipment Committee: ME-063

Standards Australia Technical Committee ME-063, Earthmoving Equipment, has seen to some truly influential standardisation developments. Having reset the Australian earthmoving equipment standards landscape, and increasingly being recognised by the international community via the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) for their efforts that have also reshaped the global landscape, Standards Australia is now acknowledging the committee’s efforts with the Outstanding Committee Award for 2022.

ME-063, Earthmoving Equipment, initiated a strategic portfolio refresh 18 months ago. The committee implemented a three-pronged strategy of direct text adopting international standards and modify-adopting international standards where appropriate for Australia, all while developing and maintaining a number of unique Australian Standards.  

ME-063 set a Standards Australia record in 2022 for the greatest number of standards published in a 12-month period (120), with more in the pipeline for 2022 and 2023. This effectively resets the Australian Standards landscape for earthmoving equipment.  

The committee’s efforts have transformed a portfolio of 60 aged standards with no prior active projects, into a portfolio of 120 standards with six active projects. The successes are being reflected by an expanding ME-063 membership from across critical Australian construction and mining sectors, representing further potential to carry the momentum.

ME-063’s efforts have recently been recognised by a number of Australian regulators for the health and safety benefits it represents for the Australian construction and mining industry.  

Two of the key published committee projects, AS 5327:2022 and AS3450:2021, have also been recognised by ISO TC-127, Earthmoving Equipment, for the benchmark-setting work that they represent. These two published Australian Standards are the first globally published international/national standards covering two key safety focus areas on earthmoving equipment (powered access systems, and in-service brake testing), and are expected to lead to the future development of aligned ISO TC 127 standards.

“ME-063 has a broad representation of experts from across the Australian construction and mining sectors. It’s through the effort and dedication of these volunteers, and with the support of Standards Australia, that ME-063 has successfully reshaped the standards landscape in the sector. A fantastic example of the power of collaboration and teamwork, congratulations to ME-063 members and their nominating organisations and congratulations to Standards Australia,” said Osama Ali, Committee Chair of ME-063

“With a lot of the committee’s efforts handled virtually over the last two years, ME-063 has demonstrated a successful adaptation to a post COVID era of standards collaboration. I’d like to recognise and thank the committee members and their nominating organisations for enabling ME-063’s success,” said Adrian O’Connell, Chief Executive Officer at Standards Australia.