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Essington Lewis CH (1881-1961)

Essington Lewis CH was an essential figure to Standards Australia. Mr Lewis sat on Standards Australia’s Main Committee — a founding board of decision makers, comprised of the country's most important industrialists. This Committee supervised and spawned all subsidiary Committees

Essington Lewis is recognised as a prominent Australian industrialist and a pioneer of the aircraft industry.  

Originally from rural South Australia, Mr Lewis was heavily involved in Australian defence throughout the Second World War and was also the Managing Director of Broken Hill Proprietary Co. Ltd (BHP).

During his travels to Germany and Japan in the 1930s, Mr Lewis recognised the threat of technologically equipped nations to Australia and as such became the driving force behind the establishment of the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC).  

Mr Lewis also assisted in setting up numerous munitions facilities that helped Australia be better equipped for industrialisation throughout and after the Second World War. He went on to support the establishment of the motor industry in Australia in 1948 and was monumental in being a conduit for the local motor-industry to thrive and measure up to international standards.  

Standards Australia recognised his experience and achievement and invited Mr Lewis to participate as an industry expert on the Main Committee.  

Mr Lewis acted as an important personal link between Standards Australia and the aircraft industry and was a long-term member of the Standards Australia Council.

“As Controller-General of the Department of Munitions and Director-General of Aircraft Production, Essington Lewis had unprecedented statutory powers under the war legislation. He had huge influence over the formation of standards within this space during the Second World War. During this time Mr Lewis helped shape industry standards, which have had lasting impacts,” said Adam Stingemore, Standards Australia’s General Manager of Engagement and Communications.