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Frank Schrever

Our birthday Standards Heroes have been nominated by their peers to represent all our contributors - individuals we consider to be the real heroes of standards, in Australia and internationally. We thank those who contribute their knowledge and expertise, service, and time to Standards Australia for the benefit of the Australian community.  

Frank Schrever has been involved in standards development since 1999, in both Britain and Australia.    

How did you become involved in standards development? 

I joined the SF-041 committee in 1999 since I became involved and very interested in the area of Machine Safety. I then took over the chair of the committee from Ern Millard in around 2012 and managed two more editions of the standard AS4024.1 which has grown to 1000 pages.  

What role have standards played in your career?   

I first joined a British Standards Institute standards committee when I worked in England in the biomedical implant manufacturing industry straight after graduating from University of Melbourne. Then I joined SF-041 in 1999.

What is a project you’ve been particularly proud to have helped deliver? 

Working on three editions of AS4024.1 Safety of machinery and a suite of standards for:

  • AS4024.2 Safeguarding of machinery, Part 2: Installation and commissioning requirement for electro-sensitive systems – Optoelectronic devices.
  • AS4024.3 Safeguarding of machinery, Part 3: Manufacturing and testing requirements for electro-sensitive systems – Optoelectronic devices Installation and commissioning.      

Outside of standards development, what have been some highlights of your career? 

First Managing Director position of Australian subsidiary of Spectra-Physics (lasers and analytical instruments) at age 36. Starting the Australian subsidiary of Pilz GmbH.

What do you think the future of standardisation looks like? 

Participation in and alignment with ISO and IEC standards across the globe.

Is there anything you’d like to say or mention about Standards Australia’s centenary year?

Well done to Standards Australia for having navigated the changing standards environment very successfully for 100 years.