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Tracey Gramlick

In November 2020, Tracey Gramlick became the first woman appointed as the Chair of Standards Australia. Since her election to the Standards Australia Board in 2017, she has used her experience as both a senior executive and standards developer to support Standard Australia’s mission to empower Australian communities. Her vision as Chair is to ensure standards remain relevant, accessible and vital to all aspects of life whilst maintaining their integrity and the consensus processes used to develop them.

Ms Gramlick became involved with Standards Australia over 40 years ago as a young engineer firstly using and subsequently contributing to standards committees.  

In her time as CEO and Executive Director of the Australian Window Association, she served as a member representative on the Standards Australia Council. She has also served as Chair of several Standards Australia technical committees, notably BD-021, Doors and Windows, and remains a representative Australian delegate to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).  

Her expertise spans engineering, manufacturing, research, marketing and management. With a Bachelor of Engineering in mechanical design and a MBA in technology management, she has worked within not-for-profit and government organisations as well as private and ASX listed companies.  

As a user of standards, a committee member and Chair, ISO representative, Standards Australia Board member and now Chair of the Board, Ms Gramlick has the ability to see the standards and the standards development process from almost every perspective.

“Standards are essential because they set minimum criteria for acceptable performance, giving everyone from designers and manufacturers through to consumers trust in their product or service and confidence that it is fit for purpose,” she said.  

In addition to serving as the Chair of Standards Australia, Ms Gramlick manages the CSIRO’s Verification Services team for Infrastructure Technologies. She is also a member of Macquarie University’s School of Engineering External Advisory Panel.

Reflecting on Standards Australia’s centenary year, Ms Gramlick believes the key to its legacy is not just public trust but its consensus process, whereby the convened standards committee of subject experts agree upon the publication of a standard.  

“It’s a fantastic thing that representatives and experts across the industry can come together and set the minimum requirements for safety and best practice,” Ms Gramlick said.

“Additionally, we’ve built and maintained relationships across government and industry, with individuals who put in so much effort and hard work.”

The depth of Ms Gramlick’s perspective has shaped her vision for Standards Australia, which is to ensure its ongoing success for the next 100 years.

“Over the past 100 years, Standards Australia has gone through huge evolution, but it’s maintained its integrity, openness and transparency. I envision a sustainable organisation that can adapt standards to suit everyone’s needs. We are lucky to have the many tools and resources available to support this and other opportunities for innovation,” she said

“My advice to those setting out on a career is to be courageous and think for yourself. If you’re clear on what you believe, you have a great foundation to build on. Don’t limit yourself to what you think you can do. Ask questions and don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know,” Ms Gramlick said.

“Tracey brings to Standards Australia a wealth of expertise and dedication, which has helped shape our organisation to be a leader in standards development both nationally and internationally. With expertise across all facets of the world of standards, from user to contributor to board member, her commitment and dedication has remained steadfast. She is an inspiration to many,” said Standards Australia CEO Adrian O’Connell.  

Ms Gramlick’s wealth of knowledge of standardisation and industry underpins her commitment to ensuring Standards Australia’s positive role in supporting Australia’s economy and society and its role in international standards development.