This Quarterly Report provides updates on the initiatives presented in the Technical Governance Review (TGR) Implementation Plan for FY2019.

More strategic approach

Project Update Timeline
First CEO Leaders Forum held – Development of a toolkit to replicate approaches across sectors.

Criteria for forums and toolkit development underway.

Economic modelling for a market segment to be undertaken. On track for delivery of economic modelling to quantify the benefits of standards development for first market segment in Q3. Q3
CEO Leaders Forum a regular feature of sector engagement. Planning stage. Q4

More open processes

Project Update Timeline
Various pilots tested through the Incubator. Q1 to see a call out for committees to volunteer their projects to run through the Incubator.

A number of pilot concepts have been approved and are currently sourcing committees to volunteer their projects. These include:

  • Crowd Sourcing
  • Open & Transparent
  • Ballot by Stage
  • Agile/Online Standards Development

Challenges with buy-in from Technical Committees to pilot Open & Transparent concepts, which is being worked through.
Q1 – Q4
Many initiatives to better surface projects/standards information underway as part of the Contributor Portal, with the first release as early as September 2019, and subsequent stages underway. First phase of new contributor portal, Connect to be released in Q2, with second phase being planned.  Q1 – Q4
Public Comment Process: Manage, ease of commenting, better visibility, including visibility of ISO and IEC content being adopted and red-lining. A new tool will be piloted in Q2. This product is successfully used by a number of Standards Development Organisations across the world, enabling integrated Public Comment and a more seamless user experience. Q2
Piloting use of Artificial Intelligence and Bots to assist proponents navigate requirements for commencement of projects. Planning stage. Q4

More proactive quality assurance

Project Update Timeline
Kick-off workshops across all projects to: Solidify commitment to the project; share relevant information; outline a clear forward plan; confirm commitment of each committee member to action and deliver within a strict project schedule. Completed. Q1
Project surveys across all projects to ascertain Project Management. Completed. Q1
Independent facilitators and technical writers to be provided to assist complex and/or contentious technical committees. A framework and criteria on how to apply these resources will be developed and rolled out. Framework and criteria, with communication plan in development. Implementation to commence from February 2019. Q2
Policy review on appointment, tenure and performance of Chairs. Broader oversight and enforcement of Policy by Standards Australia’s Production Management Group (PMG). Policy changes being submitted to SDAC for approval in November 2018, with subsequent changes to SGs to be submitted for a round of consultation. Implementation to commence from January 2019. Q2
Training and strengthening of Nominating Organisation selection and performance. Planning stage.     Q2
Strengthening on Learning & Development to be provided to Project Managers with case studies and sharing knowledge base. Completed. Q2
Training for Committee Chairs to be provided, both electronically and in person. Planning stage. Q3
Proposals for new work to be assessed and approved on a monthly basis, rather than through 6 month cycles. New policy approved by SDAC at its August 2018 meeting.  Planning well underway for new process to commence in January 2019. Q3
Extend surveys to assess Committee and Chair’s performance. Planning stage.    Q3
Non-contentious amendments/revisions to be balloted as part of a combined proposal/ approval process. Planning stage. Q4
Process for parallel adoptions of international standards to be rolled out. Planning stage. Q4
Development of framework to better resolve negative ballots, when other ballot criteria has been met, including development of a technical appeals process that gives the opportunity for negative ballotters to appeal a committee’s decision, rather than being given the power of veto. Planning stage. Q4

Q1 is July to September 2018, Q2 is October to December 2018, Q3 is January to March 2019, and Q4 is April to June 2019.