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Pacific Quality Infrastructure Initiative

“Setting up a Quality Infrastructure System is one of the most positive and practical steps that a developing nation can take on the path forward to developing a thriving economy as a basis for prosperity, health and well-being.”

Quality Infrastructure refers to the system of organisations and processes that help ensure the quality of goods and services and facilitate access to global markets. It consists of key pillars like standardisation, metrology, accreditation, and conformity assessment. Collectively these systems help stimulate industrial development, trade competitiveness, innovation, and the efficient use of resources, while protecting human health and the environment.

The Pacific Islands Forum is leading the Pacific Quality Infrastructure (PQI) Initiative, which aims to strengthen quality infrastructure across all Forum Island Countries to increase trade competitiveness. Given that quality infrastructure plays a crucial role both for trade and national health systems, support throughout will contribute to the regional recovery from COVID-19.

The PQI Initiative was officially endorsed by Forum Trade Ministers for a 5-year work program covering different streams of work, including standards, metrology, conformity assessment and quality promotion.

Standards Work Program

As an implementing partner under the PQI Initiative, Standards Australia is delivering the standards stream of work in collaboration with all Forum Island Countries. Activities for 2021-2022 will include:
  • Planning workshop to set the course for the program
  • Needs assessment to benchmark current standards activities
  • Capacity building workshops on key topics of standards development
  • Mentoring program with Standards Australia staff
  • Establishment of a Regional Standards Committee
  • The Terms of Reference of the Pacific Islands Standards Committee (PISC) is available here
These activities will lead into two additional years of implementation, with an anticipated completion in 2023.

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Workshops this year include

Workshop Materials
Capacity Building Workshop 1:
8 October 2021
Capacity Building Workshop 2:
17 November 2021
Mentoring Session
10 December 2021
Capacity Building Workshop 3:
10 February 2022
Planning Workshop
7 April 2022
Mentoring Session
12 April 2022
1st Regional Standards Committee meeting
28 April 2022
Mentoring Session
3 June 2022
Capacity Building Workshop 4:
7 June 2022
2nd Regional Standards Committee meeting
29 June 2022
Capacity Building Workshop 5:
28 July 2022
Mentoring Session
4 August 2022
3rd Regional Standards Committee meeting
16 September 2022
Abbey Dorian
International Engagement Manager
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