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Digital Engineering


Over the last few years, a conversation has been emerging as to how we can better integrate our physical and virtual environments. New concepts like smart cities and digital twins have evolved, as part of the fourth industrial revolution. With the engineering and construction sector facing an unprecedented demand for its services, the demand for new capabilities and digital improvements has grown significantly.

The engineering and construction sector lags behind in its use of data and digitisation to support collaboration, efficiencies and documentation.  There are enormous opportunities for improvements during the design, construction, operation and maintenance phases, and these will require industry-wide applications of new ways of working and managing projects.  Agreement on common standards will be a powerful enabler of change to support the introduction of digital engineering. 


With a vision to accelerate digital transformation in the engineering and construction sector, Standards Australia is leading an initiative to drive industry dialogue and explore opportunities to bridge the digital divide and build sector-wide data management capabilities.  

The Digital Engineering whitepaper series centres on the concept of a Common Data Model (CDM) and the opportunities it presents for the management of projects and asset data. A CDM will standardise the specification of metadata, enabling the development of a digital thread and aligning all stages of the lifecycle, with a seamless pipeline of consistent, reliable, and interoperable metadata. It will also lay the foundation for future opportunities such as networked digital twins, smart infrastructure, and the holistic objectives of smart cities.


Digital Engineering:
Decarbonising Construction with a Common Data Model



Digital Engineering:
Shifting the Paradigm in the Construction Sector

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Digital Engineering:
Introducing the Common Data Model

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Digital Engineering:
Planning the Common Data Model

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William Giacometti
Strategic Initiatives Officer