Applications provided by Standards Australia Limited

Conditions of Use

  1. Introduction
    In accordance with the terms and conditions contained in this page (Conditions of Use), Standards Australia Limited (ACN 85 087 326 690) (Standards Australia) provides authorised users with access to the following applications, including via a Single Sign On Portal Solution (SSO):
    1. Connect, a portal for members of the public, current members of Standards Australia’s technical committees (Committee Members) and organisations which nominate Committee Members on Standards Australia’s technical committees (Nominating Organisations);
    2. Public Comment, a portal for Committee Members and members of the public to provide comments on draft standards and other publications;
    3. SIM, access to Australian Standard® standards and other publications for use by Committee Members in relation to committee processes; and
    4. Standards Australia Academy (SA Academy), a cloud based social knowledge-sharing portal provided via Learning Seat Pty Ltd (Learning Seat), a third party service provider, for use by Committee Members, 
    (collectively, the SA Applications).
  2. Agreement
    1. By checking the box "I have read and accept the Conditions of Use" and clicking "Accept", "Login" or “Register” (as the case may be), you agree to accept and comply with the Conditions of Use when using an SA Application. Any information that you provide by accessing an SA Application will be dealt with in accordance with these Conditions of Use and Standards Australia’s  Privacy Policy (as updated from time to time).
    2. Standards Australia may at any time, in its sole discretion, amend, vary or modify these Conditions of Use without notice.  Modifications to these Conditions of Use will be effective immediately and any subsequent use by you of any SA Application will constitute your acceptance of the modifications and the then-current Conditions of Use.
    3. Your obligations under these Conditions of Use are in addition to your obligations under other terms and agreements, including but not limited to any specific terms and conditions applicable to the relevant SA Application, the Committee Member Deed, Standards Australia’s Technical Committee Code of Conduct (as updated from time to time), and any Licence Agreement governing the use of any draft documents downloaded via an SA Application.
  3. Your obligations
    1. Compliance with applicable laws
      1. You agree that you will comply with all applicable laws and regulations when using any SA Application, including intellectual property, privacy, anti-discrimination and criminal laws.
      2. You must not submit, post or upload any content to any SA Application that infringes the copyright, moral rights or any other intellectual property rights of a third party. It is your responsibility to determine whether the content you submit to any SA Application is suitable for publication. You must not submit, post or upload any material that is inappropriate, defamatory or offensive or is contrary to any applicable laws or standards, or any codes or policies or standardisation guides of Standards Australia, or any other deed or agreement you have with Standards Australia.
    2. Personal access
      You agree to keep your password(s) for the SA Applications, including the SSO, secure and confidential and not to disclose it to any other person.
    3. Content that you submit
      1. Any content, information (including personal information) or files that you upload to an SA Application may be shared with, seen, or used by other users (including a Committee Member’s Nominating Organisation), Standards Australia staff or Standards Australia’s third party service providers.  
      2. Standards Australia cannot guarantee the effectiveness of any access preferences or settings that you may apply.  Your activity on or use of any SA Application may also be recorded and compiled by Standards Australia staff, including for analytics and reporting.
      3. You agree that any content that you submit or post to an SA Application may be used, reproduced, published or modified by Standards Australia or its third party service providers without any attribution. You agree to waive any moral rights that may subsist in the content submitted to an SA Application.
      4. You also agree that Standards Australia has no obligation to store, maintain or provide you with a copy of any content that you submitted, except as required under its Privacy Policy.
    4. Notifications
      You agree to receive notifications in relation to your use of an SA Application, including to an email address you provide or by other means. You can manage or opt-out of receiving such notifications via your personal settings or clicking an unsubscribe link.
    5. Restrictions
      1. Copyright in content included in or made available via an SA Application, including standards and other publications and public comment drafts, remains vested in Standards Australia or third parties, such as other standards development bodies or external providers. You agree to use this content only as set out in these Conditions of Use and any applicable Licence Agreement.
      2. You also agree not to disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the software or source code of any SA Application.
  4. Surveillance
    Standards Australia reserves the right to monitor and review your use of an SA Application, including any content that you submit. Standards Australia may take any steps that, in its view, are desirable or necessary to ensure compliance with these Conditions of Use, and all applicable laws, standards and industry codes of practice. This may include, at any time, without notice to you filtering, removing or refusing to post files, content or other material, or restricting or removing your access to or use of any SA Application.
  5. Additional requirements for Public Comment
    As part of its Public Comment process, Standards Australia provides access to draft standards and other technical documents it develops to allow members of the public and Committee Members to provide comments on the text of the draft document. If you provide comments in response to a draft document as part of Standards Australia’s Public Comment process, the following additional requirements apply:
    1. Draft documents are provided solely for the purpose of Standards Australia’s Public Comment process and are liable to change. Draft documents are not to be used or relied on for any other purpose. Standards Australia recommends that users only rely on the final published version of any standard or other technical document. 
    2. Comments submitted as part of Standards Australia’s Public Comment process should address the technical content, wording or arrangement of the draft, or editorial matters. Proposed technical changes should be accompanied with supporting reasons.
    3. In the case of joint Australian/New Zealand draft documents, your personal information may be disclosed to members of the joint Australian/New Zealand technical committee located in New Zealand and employees and contractors of Standards New Zealand. Your information may also be shared by Standards Australia with its third party service providers.
    4. Draft standards and other documents made available via Public Comment are subject to copyright. Any reproduction, copying or distribution of drafts (eg by way of printscreen, snips, print as PDF) is prohibited. You can invite other persons to access draft documents and provide comments by registering through Public Comment by way of email or link to social media sites. However, Standards Australia does not accept any liability or responsibility for your access to or use of other applications or websites. Access to such applications or websites is at your own risk.
  6. Additional requirements for SIM: documents for committee purposes
    Certain Australian, Australian New Zealand, International and/or other Standards Australia documents that are necessary for your involvement as a Committee Member in national or international standardisation are available for you to download via SIM. These documents have been made available for your use only in the preparation and maintenance of Australian standards or technical documents or for your involvement in international standardisation (as the case may be) and are not to be copied or distributed in any way or used for any other purpose.
  7. Additional requirements for Nominating Organisations
    1. Through Connect, a Nominating Organisation is able to access certain information relating to individuals that it has nominated to participate in Standards Australia's technical committees. This information is made available to the Nominating Organisation solely for the purpose of enabling the Nominating Organisation to review the participation of its nominees in Standards Australia's technical committees and must not be used or distributed for any other purpose by the Nominating Organisation, its employees or its agents without the consent of the individual to whom that information relates.
    2. Through Connect, the Nominating Organisation may also be permitted to access certain documents that have been prepared by or for the use of particular technical committees. Such information is made available to the Nominating Organisation solely for the purpose of enabling the Nominating Organisation to review the participation of its nominees in Standards Australia's technical committees. Such information must not be used or distributed by the Nominating Organisation, its employees or its agents for any other purpose without the express written consent of Standards Australia.
    3. The Nominating Organisation is granted access to defined areas within Connect on a 'read-only' basis. The Nominating Organisation, its employees and its agents are not permitted to upload any information to Connect and must not attempt to do so.
  8. Additional requirements for SA Academy
    1. The SA Academy is a cloud-based platform access to which is provided by Standards Australia to Committee Members through Learning Seat, a third party service provider. Personal information (such as name, email address and other contact details) that you submit when accessing the SSO will be provided to Learning Seat for the purposes of maintaining your SA Academy account and facilitating access to the SA Academy.
    2. Please also note that Learning Seat collects information such as IP addresses, connection speed and internet service provider domain name. This information is typically anonymized but in some circumstances could be linked to an individual. This information may be collected through various means, including Cookies, IP address and Web beacons. If you have any questions about Learning Seat’s collection of data, please contact us at or Learning Seat at
    3. The training materials available through the SA Academy are for informational purposes only and Standards Australia makes no guarantee as to the quality, accuracy or reliability of such materials. You agree that Standards Australia is not responsible for content or information that you access through the SA Academy, or for any damages as a result of your use or reliance on it. You also agree not to copy, reproduce, modify or vary any training content available via the SA Academy.
  9. No warranty
    1. Standards Australia does not guarantee that access to any SA Application will be uninterrupted or that the SA Application is free from viruses or anything else which may damage any computer which accesses the SA Application or any data on such a computer.
    2. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Standards Australia expressly excludes all conditions and warranties, guarantees, rights and remedies, liabilities and other terms that may be implied by custom, statute or common law that may relate to any SA Application.
    3. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Standards Australia excludes all liability for any loss or damage of any kind, including special, indirect or consequential loss (including any loss of revenue or profits, loss of anticipated savings, loss of data, loss of value of equipment, any penalties or fines imposed by a regulator and any loss that is indirect loss) arising out of or in connection with your use of any SA Application.
  10. Termination
    Standards Australia reserves the right to terminate access to any SA Application at any time and without notice.
  11. Jurisdiction
    This agreement is governed by and must be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales.
  12. Complaints
    If you have concerns or complaints regarding any SA Application, including content accessible through it, please contact