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ISO 45001, Occupational health and safety

In Conversation with Tracey Gramlick

Technical Governance Review: Report and Implementation

As part of the Technical Governance Review of our standards development process, Cameron Ralph Khoury will be presenting their report on our technical governance at open forums in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne in April 2018.
Standards Australia will also present and consult on its draft implementation plan, which will be released ahead of the forums.
To register, or find out more, see the links below. 
Sydney, 17 April: Technical Governance Review
Canberra, 18 April: Technical Governance Review
Melbourne, 19 April: Technical Governance Review
If you can't attend in person, you can join the online webinar of the Sydney event.

Incubator Workshops: Hack the Process

Australia leads the world in water efficiency

Blockchain capabilities on display

As reported in the AFR, this month Standards Australia hosted a delegation of Chinese blockchain entrepreneurs spanning big names in the Chinese market. The delegation heard firsthand about the progress of ISO/TC 307 and also attended the APAC Blockchain Conference in Melbourne. Beyond the work of ISO TC 307 the visit also highlighted the growing importance of standards in the financial services arena, in light of the expected open banking reforms.
The next step for blockchain standardisation is the third meeting of ISO/TC 307 in London in May 2018, which is due to progress work on smart contracts and other key topics. Following this, ISO/TC 307 will meet again in October in Russia. 

Contributor Corner

Improved project management for better speed to market

As part of our commitment to a more efficient standards development process, we have worked with our contributors to speed up the average duration for all projects. In comparison to published projects in 2016–17, the average delivery of complex projects has been reduced significantly. Our contributors’ time is being used more effectively, with greater certainty about the time commitment and level of engagement required from them.
We will continue to evolve standards development – to be as efficient as possible, while maintaining a technical level of excellence. A key element is the new workshop approach to our kick-off meetings, which involves discussing relevant information upfront, producing a clear forward plan, confirming commitment to action and delivering within a strict project schedule.
As always, the ultimate success of Standards Australia depends upon the support and dedication of our stakeholders, such as yourself. 

Contributor Corner

Do you know how to write an Australian Standard?

International Update

Standards Australia represents Australia on the two major international standards development bodies, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Our activities are reported on our International Updates page.

Highlights from February/March (PDF):
  • A New Work Item Proposal – Guidelines on Integrating a Business Excellence Framework with ISO management system standards
  • Launch of news portal to raise awareness of trade development in least-developed countries
  • ISO/IEC 27000 – key International Standard for information security revised
  • Artificial Intelligence is listening to you

Sector Update

Read about the latest standards development news in your industry sector on our Sector Updates page.

Drafts Open for Comment

The public comment process provides an opportunity for stakeholders and members of the public to make valuable contributions. View draft standards currently open for comment.