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SDAC communique May 2021

The Standards Development & Accreditation Committee (SDAC) is a Committee of the Standards Australia Board. The committee assists us to fulfill our responsibilities as Australia’s peak national standards body, and meets regularly to discuss the wide range of matters relating to standards development and accreditation work.
Often unseen, SDAC has been referred to by many as the engine room of Standards Australia, powering our contributors to get things done. 
Since October 2020, a Communique of SDAC meetings is being made available to stakeholders. The goal is to provide a direct insight into the discussions and recommendations of the committee and reflects our commitment to lead with transparency and include stakeholders in our processes.
You can access the May 2021 SDAC communique (PDF) and further details on SDAC and its members on our website.

In Conversation with Alex Kingsbury

International update

Standards Australia represents Australia on the two major international standards development bodies, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Our activities are reported on our International Updates page.

Highlights from May (PDF)
  1. Updated guidance for developing International Standards
  2. Guidelines for the promotion and implementation of gender equality: New Work Item Proposal
  3. Rollout of revised IEC Copyright Policy

Sector update

Access the latest standards development news in your industry sector via our Sectors page.

Drafts open for comment

The public comment process provides an opportunity for stakeholders and members of the public to make valuable contributions. With the launch of our new public comment platform, draft standards currently open for comment are now available via Connect.