Public comment: Cold-formed steel structures

14 December 2016


Standards Australia will release a public comment draft for AS/NZS 4600, Cold-formed steel structures.

The main changes in the draft are as follows:

• Section 7 ‘Direct Strength Method (DSM) of design’ includes sections with holes, inelastic reserve capacity, shear and combined actions, and a wider range of prequalified sections
• Section 8 ‘Testing’ has been updated to align with the National Construction Code.
• New Section 9 ‘Fire’ includes design requirements for fire protected members at elevated temperatures
• New Appendix B ‘Methods of Structural Analysis’ includes first order, second order and advanced structural analysis
• Appendix D ‘Buckling Stresses’ includes requirements for all elastic buckling for local, distortional and flexural-torsional modes
• Section 5.3 ‘Power Actuated Fasteners (PAFs)’ includes requirements for PAFs in tension and shear
• Revised Section 5 ‘Connections’ includes new requirements for block shear rupture and net section tension and for screw connections under combined shear and tension

Additionally, the draft AS/NZS 4600 incorporates the latest research from the North American Specification NAS S100 2012 and Australian and New Zealand research on DSM, fire and structural analysis.

Public comment opens on 16 December 2016 and closes 3 March 2017.

All draft standards open for public comment and instructions on how to comment can be found through this link.