Technical Governance Review

09 August 2017


As part of a broader governance review plan to be undertaken through 2017 and 2018, Standards Australia has commenced a Technical Governance Review of its standards development process.

Cameron Ralph Khoury have been appointed as independent consultants to assist through the review process.

A copy of the Issues Paper is available here.

Cameron Ralph Khoury will be conducting group and individual interviews over the coming months to supplement their understanding of the issues and to enable them to make recommendations to the Standards Australia Board for improvements to technical governance. 

The interview schedule is still under development. They are expected to provide a completed report in late January 2018.

Submissions will close on 13 October 2017. 

Submissions may be published in whole or in part, unless you indicate you would like your submission to be kept confidential.

Submissions should be sent to Any enquiries can be also be directed to that email address or to the firm principal, Phil Khoury on +61 3 9421 3111.