Update on Digital Hospitals Handbook

28 April 2017


Standards Australia’s technical committee IT-039, has reached the final stages in development of the world first Digital Hospitals Handbook. The development schedule was revised earlier this year to ensure that all stakeholder perspectives were appropriately considered prior to publication. The input of a broad group of stakeholders is considered critical to support the Handbook’s use and application in the future.

The project for the Digital Hospitals Handbook first commenced in 2015, and has now proceeded through a number of phases, including an extended period of committee drafting, peer review and comment resolution. It is currently in the final stages of development involving editing and styling as well as a final review by key stakeholders including from government. It is anticipated that the document will be published by 30 June 2017.

The objective of the world first Digital Hospital Handbook is to develop a set of principles and recommendations that inform the design and implementation of Digital Hospitals, both new and refurbished. It will enable innovative ways for providing healthcare services and supports positive outcomes for stakeholders now and into the future.

Standards Australia’s technical committee IT-039, which is responsible for the development of the Digital Hospital Handbook, is constituted of a balanced representation of stakeholder interests. The membership includes representatives from government, industry, academic and health organisations.