It’s time to transform how people use standards

Standards touch every Australian industry, from manufacturing and construction to energy and mining; from public safety, communications, and information technology to transport and logistics; and from water and waste services to consumer products, health, and agriculture.

For more than a century, Standards Australia has set the benchmarks across these industries, developing over 9,000 standards that cover almost every aspect of our lives.

Standards help to keep Australia working – but we want to partner with Australia’s most innovative companies to make standards work even harder.

Working together, we can:

  • Deliver relevant solutions that help strengthen and create Australian industries
  • Ensure Australian businesses and professionals have access to relevant, timely and affordable standards
  • Make sure Australia has a voice in international standards to support home-grown industries.


See how FireMate has partnered with Standards Australia to deliver an app that integrates up-to-date and easy-to-access Australian Standards information into the workflows of fire protection technicians.
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The Office of the NSW Building Commissioner

See how David Chandler and The Office of the NSW Building Commissioner have worked hand in hand with TAFE NSW and Standards Australia to create an online digital learning module to help build the skills of the construction industry.
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Let’s talk

We’re looking for partners to advance the use of standards through:
  • The integration of standards into popular digital platforms and workflows
  • The development of new products and apps that will make standards more accessible in trades and industries
  • The creation of digital training services and assets that aid standards’ users in incorporating them into their business.
We offer unique partner benefits to help grow your business and showcase your solutions to the standards market.

If you’re interested in partnering with us to deliver relevant customer solutions, contact: