Standards Australia launches open process seeking market terms on distribution

17 July 2017


In another exciting step towards modernising access to Australian Standards®, Standards Australia has asked Australian and global publisher​s and distributors to provide market terms for the distribution of Standards Australia’s technical documents and other content.
This Request for Proposal is designed on an open basis, accessible to the broad global market.

To learn more, see our media release here​.

A copy of the Request for Proposal is available here​.

Additional notes: 

26 July 2017
Since the launch of the Request for Proposal process, SAI Global has consented to Standards Australia disclosing clauses 2 and 7 of the Publishing Licence Agreement (PLA) – see a redacted copy of the PLA here. Standards Australia would like to make the entire PLA available to pre-qualified respondents on a confidential basis and has requested consent from SAI Global to do so.