Standards Australia is actively participating in national and international discussions on smart cities. We are driving work on how Australian stakeholders from industry, local government, and state and federal governments, can leverage standards to deliver better value, ensure safety and drive improved social, economic and environmental outcomes.WSD-(1).jpg
We have been engaged in initial public outreach relating to the smart cities agenda. Hosting joint forums and roundtable discussions that are attended by representatives of industry bodies, legal advisors, researchers, standards committee members as well as governmental departments.

From these sessions, the following key points have been highlighted;
  • The lack of standardisation across sectors,
  • The need for clear metrics on performance and;
  • The opportunities for Australian stakeholders to be contributors as well as consumers of standards - including at an international level. 
It has now been acknowledged - there is a need for a permanent Smart Cities Standards Reference Group, to support the adoption and development of standards for Smart Cities. 
Standards Australia participated in the ISO Technical Management Board UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Taskforce. Many of the SDGs directly relate to smart city goals and objectives, from waste management and sanitation to city infrastructure, including transport. The Taskforce focused on how standards can play a key role in shaping our future world. These goals have since been mapped out in the ISO SDG portal

Standards Australia also contributed to the Inquiry into the Australian Government’s role in the development of cities (Infrastructure, Transport and Cities Committee). Our submission, alongside many others, has helped establish a forward action plan for Australian cities and regions for the next fifty years. 

We are committed in continuing to partner with stakeholders to ensure the currency and accuracy of our suite of standards, including for smart cities.

The inaugural meeting of the Smart Cities Standards Reference Group will take place on 1 May 2019, to help develop the Smart Cities strategic roadmap for Australia. To be involved with this discussion, please note your interest at