Standards Australia is committed to working with industry to deliver a modern suite of standards for General Conditions of Contract.
Widely applicable across many areas, such as construction, engineering, civil works and infrastructure, these core documents underpin major procurement construction contracts and have come to be accepted as setting the industry benchmark. However it is now time they are reviewed.
Several years ago, Standards Australia sought to review the most recent versions of AS 2124 and AS 4000. While these efforts didn’t deliver as we would have liked, we gained substantial insight into the use and value of the Australian Standards™ general form contracts and remain committed to this area of work.
2018 has seen Standards Australia commencing an inclusive industry process to deliver agreed outcomes and quality General Conditions of Contract standards. This will include broad and appropriate industry representation throughout the process, a clear understanding of industry concerns and the problems that need to be fixed, a clear delivery plan and the necessary resources.


  • No Dispute: This may be a useful reference document in the revision of the AS 2124/AS 4000 suite.